The Next Step in Promoting Your Business.

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By Bill Oxford

In our world today, mass media is a remarkable thing.  There is information overload in the forms of radio, television, and internet.  How do you make your company stand out in this jungle?  Do you need a fresh look, or a twist on an existing identity?  Or, are you just starting out, and need a brand marketing firm help you translate your ideas into visual reality?  Either way, you need marketing materials and communications that establish your company’s brand identity and broadcast it to your target audience.  Advertising that gives customers something visual to relate to your product or service, is imperative.

Advertising, whether it is print or online, is a form of communication that consciously or subconsciously persuades or influences a target audience or customer to take the conscious action to purchase a product or service. Advertising pinpoints a target market to buy a brand.  This is accomplished via various media techniques, such as graphic design and web design.  Creating promotional material that promotes your brand name is the goal.

There are different of branding techniques for sales and marketing.  A logo makes your brand stand out in a crowd of competitors.  It is the first impression a customer has of a company.  A well-crafted logo is essential in creating a strong brand awareness.

You can effectively use the mass media to take advantage of the repetition of an image or product name.  This exposure markets, delivers messages, and advertises with new media.  What do you want customers to associate with your product or service?  Your logo should emit an impression of professionalism and quality.  The reason a person purchases from a brand is because of trust.  Customers associate brands with promises and delivery.  They have had previous satisfaction with the brand.  To get out your brand, start with a professionally-made graphic design logo or web design for your Internet site.

A great place to start in the venture of business promotion is in San Diego working with Oxford.  We are professionals who have helped catapult other companies into high visibility and are ready to review your company.  We do this with product and service competitive analysis, product testing, feasibility studies, and target market evaluation.  A summary report with recommendations is then given.  As a result, a plan is formulated.  Web site and graphic design bring the marketing plans and advertising into fruition.  Flyers, posters, folders, catalogs, newsletters, business cards, photography, and packaging can all be produced.  Exposure of your brand though visual presentation then influences customers to be motivated to follow through with a purchase and establish brand loyalty with your clients and customers.

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